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Peter Mandel, MS, REA, MBA, CMRS, WRT, CRM


Peter Mandel
Peter Mandel started his professional career within the environmental contracting field beginning in 1986 as an assistant park ranger. Duties during this stay included minor building construction but considerable carpentry work and field supervision of work crews. This experience provided a good foundation for work within the contracting field. Working with government agencies both as a ranger and as an agricultural inspector provided insight into business organizational structure and policy. It also provided knowledge on handling government business methodologies and contracts.

During Mr. Mandel’s employment with both the county and state agencies, education within the environmental field was diligently pursued. A Bachelor of Science from San Francisco State was first acquired. Thereafter, a Master of Science from the University of San Francisco was obtained. In pursing knowledge within business a Master in Business Administration was accomplished with Mr. Mandel graduating with high honors and at the top of his class.

Major work with the environmental contracting field started in 1992 as a project manager for a leading environmental contracting firm. Stationed at Intel Corporation located in Santa Clara, CA, duties included major oversight for all aspects involving chemical or toxic substance removal or stabilization. Work was challenging with considerable emergency response management. After three years plus at Intel Corporation and ending as a senior project manager, Mr. Mandel began employment with another leading firm within the environmental contracting industry.

During this stay and as a senior project manager/department manager within the industrial services division, major experience and knowledge in all fields related to environmental contracting was attained. All aspects of general contracting, engineering, field assessment of hazard and control, and professional business practice was mastered. The relationships gained within the field were a positive experience.

Finally, the potentially life threatening services the industry generates has given Mr. Mandel respect, growth and maturity in assuring that all health and safety issues will be given top priority in an ethical and professional manner.



Alfredo Garcia

Chief Operations Officer

Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia began his career within the environmental contracting industry beginning in 1992. After having received his initial asbestos 40 hr. trainings certificate he worked as a field technician/laborer for two years and was quickly promoted to field supervisor. In 1996 he was promoted to the position of senior operations manager for Northern California Operation.

Working as a senior operations manager, Mr. Garcia was in charge of the respiratory compliance, management, and enforcement program. Duties included field/project assessments to determine the required respiratory protection needed, fit testing, and assignment of proper respirators for field crews. Furthermore, Mr. Garcia performed respiratory protection training of field supervisors to assure that personal air monitoring was being correctly performed, and adherence to regulation was followed. In order to reiterate the importance of the company respiratory protection program and other safety matters, surprise job site inspections for all projects within the region were a daily occurrence.

Mr. Garcia was also responsible for project QA/QC. Inspections of projects to assure they were being done safely and properly would be performed on a daily basis. Likewise, budgeting, manpower planning, and assurance that the project was going to be completed on-time was a primary duty.

In 2004, Mr. Garcia accepted a similar position for the nations leading asbestos abatement firm (basis gross revenue). Other training, in relationship to respiratory protection includes microbial and lead abatement.

In 2005, Mr. Garcia accepted the position of COO at MG Remediation, Inc.. Through his experience, knowledge and professionalism, he is highly respected within the environmental contracting and construction industry.

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MG Remediation, Inc. has a pool of managers and technicians throughout the western regional United States. Personnel can be dispatched to any west coast state (California, Oregon, Washington) at a moments notice.