Environmental Contracting Services

Mold/Microbial Remediation:

Mold Microbial RemediationA view of the damage left behind after hurricane katrina. The flood waters from the levy failure rose into the attic. The ceiling fell bringing down with it insulation from the attic. Seen here is my den after several days of shoveling out debris. Ten months after Katrina and I still have a hard time editing these images.[/caption]The negative health effects of mold within the indoor environment have been well documented over the past 15 years. When mold is present most individuals experience some health related symptoms which can take the form of a stuffy nose to a full breakdown of the immune system. As a result, a dramatic increase of mold-related insurance claims has been seen over the past few years.

MG Remediation, Inc. services both residential and commercial property owners for turnkey mold remediation and rebuilding (see construction and rebuilding). Since most mold remediation projects involve working in close proximity to bedrooms or kitchens, speed in completing the project is usually a high priority. Likewise, many property managers may need to relocate tenants into temporary units or hotels thus adding additional costs. MG offers some of the fastest turnaround times within the industry for its turnkey mold remediation and rebuilding projects. MG also takes pride in having one of the highest success rates when air clearance sampling is performed by other parties.

MG’s supervisors and technicians have been fully trained and certified in all principles of mold remediation. Cutting edge mold remediation methodology are utilized on all projects.

Vapor Intrusion / Extraction Mitigation:

Vapor-Intrusion-300x200Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as methane, benzene, toulene, TCE, PCE (PERC) or other toxic vapors/gases can enter into living or work spaces through cracks in concrete slab foundations or permeate up in crawl space soils. Once inside, the vapors or gases can subject building occupants to acute or chronic exposures of these potentially harmful chemicals.

Instead of installing large and expensive systems such as pump and treat, air sparging, or soil excavation and disposal, MG Remediation, Inc. can design and install a Vapor Intrusion Mitigation (VIM) system which prevents the toxic vapors or gases from entering the living space. Essentially, MG can install either a sub-slab depressurization (SSD) for existing slab on grade structures or a submembrane depressurization (SMD) for structures that have crawl spaces. From large 100,000+ square foot concrete slabs to small 1,000 square foot crawl spaces, MG will install the correct mitigation system to eff ectively reduce toxins to safe levels. Cost savings are on average 1/2 to 3/4 less than traditional soil treatment or excavation projects.

In  addition to designing and installing SSD/ SMD on existing structures, MG installs VIM systems for new construction. Fluid applied gas barriers/membranes such as Liquid Boot® (MG is a Cetco Certified Applicator) or other membranes are applied over passive or active depressurization vapor collection piping within the subgrade area/trenches. MG can design such systems or install per plans and specifications provided by others.

Radon Mitigation:


Radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas is present throughout every county within the western states. It enters through tiny cracks or holes in basements or concrete slabs and can concentrate inside buildings. Radon has been estimated by EPA for 15,000 to 22,000 deaths every year and is the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless it cannot be sensed.

Depending on the type of building structure involved, MG Remediation, Inc. can install the appropriate radon mitigation system needed to reduce radon. From Active Soil Depressurization systems to Carbon Adsorption for removing radon from water, MG has professional experience when installing all types of radon mitigation systems.

MG Remediation, Inc. is certified in over 7 western region states to perform radon mitigation. MG will not only install the appropriate system to reduce your levels of radon below EPA’s recommended level of 4 pCi/L(pico curies per liter of air), but also install a system that is cosmetically pleasing without being obtrusive in looks, sound and comfort.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement:

Asbestos and Lead AbatementRemoving Asbestos or Lead from the interior or exterior areas of buildings has been one of MG Remediation’s greatest success stories. From large to small-scale projects, MG can efficiently and safely remove any asbestos or lead. MG has worked in large high-rise buildings, schools, hotels, apartments, and a host of other projects that were technically challenging to assure the health and safety of the building occupants or building components were never jeopardized.

All Supervisors and Technicians have been properly trained and have passed a rigorous physical health inspection in order to work on lead or asbestos projects. Likewise, MG is fully licensed and bonded to perform all levels of lead or asbestos abatement. Whether removal, encapsulation or enclosure is needed, MG has the skilled technicians to perform the project in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

Soil/Ground Water Services:

Soil_and_Groundwater_ServicesWith in-situ or ex-situ methodology, MG Remediation, Inc. can successfully remove the hazardous constituents. If hazards such as PCB’s, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, or other organics are present, MG can apply the appropriate methodology to remove the contaminate. Soil/Ground water services such as state-of-the-art vapor extraction, air sparging, stabilization, solidification, and chemical fixation are all available at MG. As with all of MG’s projects, the proper transportation and disposal to the appropriate landfill or treatment plant is available.

Building Demolition & Plant Decommissioning:

Building Demolition & Plant DecommissioningMG Remediation, Inc. offers large or small-scale demolition services. Most building demolitions require technical skills by the operator to assure that adjacent buildings are not damaged. MG’s equipment operators have extensive training in all aspects of building demolition. Likewise, MG offers select demolition services which entail removal of scheduled interior walls or specific building materials. Where feasible, care is always taken to minimize dust and the setup of special negative pressure containments that keep dust and debris from migrating to other areas is frequently utilized.

Once all hazards such as asbestos, lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, or other chemicals have been safely removed, MG begins the demolition activities. MG’s turnkey service provides for demolition debris or chemical transport and disposal. Full regulatory compliance is always adhered to and courteous interfacing with local government employees is always given.

Meth Lab/Illegal Drug; Crime Scene/Trauma Cleanup & Bio-Remediation:

Meth Lab and Crime Scene Cleanup and BioremediationIt’s a dirty job but someone has to do it! Whether an accident or a homicide, MG’s trained and certified technicians have the experience and dedication to restore the scene to a safe condition. Fast response to the scene is always a priority and with MG’s mobile response units, assurance is given that MG’s cleanup crews will be on-site immediately.

Bio-Remediation such as raw sewage removal has become a common problem in many urban areas. Safe cleanup and removal/disposal of such items is a service that MG specializes in. Using the appropriate protective equipment, MG will detail clean an area until the biohazard is removed. All work is performed per regulatory compliance within federal, state, and local laws.

Methamphetamine (METH) use has become a worldwide addiction problem. As a result, illegal Meth labs have increased to alarming proportion. Many labs are found in apartment complexes where a kitchen is turned into a lab. The byproducts of the “cooking” process produce hazardous substances that adhere to any surface within the area. When touching a contaminated surface a rash can form. MG’s trained and certified technicians properly decontaminate or remediate the meth from surface areas using specialized equipment and neutralizing agents.

Emergency Response:

Emergency ResponseMG Remediation, Inc. offers 24-hour response time and can be at the site within hours. Whether a chemical spill has occurred or a trauma cleanup is immediately needed, MG will respond with the appropriate equipment and materials to bring the site back to a safe and functional area. Once the necessary site information has been provided by the client, MG characterizes the site response and mobilize specialty crew(s). Incident Commanders interface with government or local authorities to assess the hazards. Proper documentation of all procedures and events are strictly enforced.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration:

fire-water-300x200Water and fire are two of earth’s most powerful elements. If either strikes in your home, building, or facility, they can quickly devastate the entire area. Because time is of the essence in this type of emergency, the personnel at MG Remediation, Inc. are trained to handle every contingency related to the impact of fi res and fl oods. MG handles thousands of fi re and water-related projects on time and within budget.We deal with a variety of catastrophes, disasters, and accidents including fires, oil spills, and floods. We contain the damage, decrease the negative effect of the incidence, and begin the process of recovery almost immediately. Our prompt response and comprehensive capabilities have saved our clients millions of dollars over 25 years of service. This immediacy to water damage helps preserve property and prevents or minimizes mold from establishing.

MG maintains a complete inventory of state-of-the-art equipment, which is complemented by a top-notch trained staff . In the event of a fire or water-related incident, there is no one better able to assist you with mitigation, drying, inventory, clean-up, and restoration. After any water or fire incident, a prompt response is crucial to minimizing damage.

MG’s services include: 

  • 24/7 emergency response by our fully-equipped and trained crews 
  • Clean-up and restoration of areas affected by smoke, soot, water, and chemical damage 
  • Use of professional and heavy duty equipment such as dehumidifiers, fans, and wet vacuums 
  • Water extraction, drying, and disinfecting affected areas to prevent mold and bacterial growth

Chemical Neutralization (process lines or specialty equipment):

Chemical NeutralizationChemical neutralization of process lines that hold hazardous liquids or gasses requires special knowledge and skill to safely remove and discard. As seen within the semi-conductor industry, process lines can hold extremely hazardous substances such as Hydrogen Fluoride, Nitric Acid, and a host of Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health gasses. Likewise, some tools(equipment) within these fabrication plants contain residual chemicals once they are disconnected or changed out. MG Remediation, Inc. specializes in using chemical agents to neutralize or inert process lines before they are disconnected. Essentially, lines are flushed with these chemical agents before MG removes the line. Likewise, all process equipment can be wiped-down with neutralizing agents making it safe for industry workers to touch or handle.

Duct Cleaning:

Duct CleaningHaving filthy air ducts within the building ventilation system can not only effect the immune system but also poises an energy cost. MG Remediation, Inc. is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and follows all protocols established by the National Air Duct Cleanings Association (NADCA) when cleaning air ducts. MG utilizes state-of-the-art duct cleaning equipment in all its operations. Specific methodologies included, but not limited to decontamination, ozone sterilization, disinfecting and sanitizing.

Construction and Rebuilding Services

General Engineering & Contracting:

General Engineering and ContractingMG Remediation, Inc. holds both an engineering and general contracting license. As such, MG not only meets a customer’s environmental needs but also construction or rebuilding. MG can design and construct/rebuild to the criteria given by the client. We have highly capable and proficient field crews that have years of experience within the trades. Likewise, our engineers can design any system or project to your specifications. Through these services your project will be coordinated and managed by experienced staff members whose goal is to ensure a successful project.

Building Additions:

Building AdditionsMG Remediation, Inc. can design and build additions such as dormers, patios, decks, sun rooms, and other designs as specified by the customer. MG’s tradesmen are highly skilled in all fields from pouring concrete, framing, drywall to the final topcoat of paint.

Fine Carpentry/Finish Work:

Fine Carpentry and Finish WorkMG Remediation, Inc. skilled carpenters can provide quality services such as crown molding installation, cabinet making, hand railing, wainscot, and an array of other fine woodwork. Likewise, turnkey services from design to the final top-coat of paint is a service that MG provides.

Seismic Retrofitting/Upgrades:

Seismic and Retrofitting WorkMG Remediation, Inc.’s corporate office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Earthquakes are a fact of life for this area and, as such, MG provides earthquake retrofit service for both residential and commercial property owners. Installation of seismic anchors, shear wall, and bracing are all part of the retrofit process. MG’s engineers will design and install the appropriate retrofit system. In turn, the property owner is given peace-of-mind in knowing the damage to his property will be greatly reduced during the next large earthquake.

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Installation:

Kitchen and Bathroom RetrofittingIn many instances a customer requests a new kitchen or bathroom installation after the environmental hazards such as mold is removed. MG Remediation, Inc.’s skilled carpenters, tilers, framers, drywall installers, and cabinet makers are ready to install any type of design requested by the client. Cabinets can be custom made or factory assembled and installed.

MG will provide design consultation throughout the process from start to finish. From granite countertop to marble flooring, no design is too complicated for MG.